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MediaPortal 1.1.0 RC3 released

Team MediaPortal addresses 41 issues with MediaPortal 1.1.0 RC3. Most notable is their debug mode which lets users start MediaPortal in “safe mode” loading only the original plugins and skin provided with MediaPortal. This makes it easier for the user to troubleshoot and provide a clean log file in forums for support.

Check out the other important changes since 1.1.0 RC2:

  • [reworked] reporting bugs is now a lot easier
  • [fixed] upgrade of Tv-Server can result in a crash
  • [fixed] several issues which could prevent an upgrade or a clean installation
  • [fixed] Stopping video playback can cause crash to desktop
  • [fixed] several memory leaks
  • [fixed] Animations using conditional visibility
  • [fixed] MyVideos reloads the contents of a folder when stoping playback (which could cause that MP does not respond for quite a time)
  • [fixed] lookup creates a lot of temp files which are not deleted
  • [fixed] Some H264 recordings do not play
  • [fixed] Pulse and Loop animations do not work
  • [fixed] tvservice would sometimes hard crash when writing dx error to log
  • [fixed] TeVii issues with graph building and very long tuning using diseqc
  • [fixed] RTSP streaming doesn’t work after sleep, when re-init TVService is enabled
  • [fixed] Unable to tune same ATSC channel/subchannel consecutively
  • [fixed] stream interuptions/stuttering
  • [fixed] Weekly schedules appear 1 (or more) day off in EPG when using SQLServer with certain regional settings

Check out the full list of changes in MediaPortalTV-ServerDeployTool. If you’re an existing MediaPortal user or not go on and download it.. worth the try.

Source: MediaPortal

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