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Media Portal: News Skins

Finding it hard to choose from all the great community skins out there? Well, after browsing through the forum, it looks like this choice is going to be even harder in the future! Here is a list of some of the upcoming skins to enhance the great MediaPortal experience.


Backdrop is a highly fanart based skin created by cul8er, who also is the author of the great Fanart Handler plugin.


Forum link

CLR (Cul8er)

Cul8er, who seems to have been granted more than 24 hours a day, is also the creator of CLR, a skin inspired by Welo, a XBMC skin. What really separates this skin from most others, is that the menu is available from anywhere in the skin. The skin comes in two flavors, a light/pale blue and a darker version.


Forum link Download

ESSENCE 1080P (n4orcer)

Essence 1080p is, as the name clearly states, a 1920×1080 skin, which focuses on using the amount of space available whilst still being minimalistic and clean at the same time.


Forum link

MIRA (SixSox)

Mira presents a different approach, where vertical lines and sharp edges combined gives a simplistic and clean interface.


Forum link


WileECoyote creates Confluence, a mixture of some existing skins and ideas.


Forum Link

MEDIAHOME (RicDigital)

Simple design, glass effects and more. RicDigital is thinking KISS.

MediaHome 1SplashScreen

Forum Link

FRAMES (Lbr_Lion)

Yet another KISS-skin, this time in grey and accents in blue. Information is displayed in frames, in a uniform way.


Forum link Download

MUSTAYALUCA (macardi/Psycho Reptile)

Talented macardi appears from nowhere and flashed the community with his jewel. The work was later handed over to Psycho Reptile, but sadly it seems that this amazing skin is no longer being maintained.


Forum Link

FOCUS (ajp8164)

ajp8164 is working on a port from XBMC Focus. A sneak preview can be found in his thread.


Forum Link

Hopefully development of both Mustayaluca and Focus will continue. Sadly, some skins “die” before they are even finished. Others die at a later stage due to lack of maintenance. Popular skins will then end up in our little skin-graveyard. Why not have a look, and see if you find something you’d like to resurrect?

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