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Media Portal 1.3 Alpha Released

The development of MediaPortal 2 made a good progress! On our way to the 2nd Alpha Release we created many new features, made important changes, added localization and much more. A big “thank you” to all who helped to achieve this!
With so many changes we thought it would be a good time to release an interim build for users to test. We like to get a much feedback as possible about this build, to help build a very good 2nd Alpha!
The Medial Portal Team

Main new features overview:

  • New inbuilt Series/Movies feature!
  • Centralized fanart support, distributed by MP2-Server using UPnP!
  • Localization in many different languages, thanks to all translators @ transifex!
  • New features for VideoPlayer (i.e. chapters and titles support)
  • Many bugfixes, enhancements and usability improvements
  • Improvements on Reflexion and default skin

Important changes:

  • Complete switch to .net4 framework
  • SlimTv: Tv4HomeProvider is now desupported and got removed. It’s replaced by MpExtendedProvider which has much more features

Series and Movies feature

MP2 is now able to detect Series episodes and Movies from different sources:

  • Reading title, production year, season number, episode number, episode title from MP1 TvServer recording’s .xml file
  • Reading title, production year, season number, episode number, episode title from matroska tags
  • Extracting season number, episode number, episode title from folder/file names (using regular expressions)
  • Online lookup
  • for Series from, downloading of cover, poster, fanart
  • for Movies from, downloading of cover, poster, fanart
  • download of information in language based on the MP2 language setting(!)

There are already more features planned, like:

  • supporting more online sources,
  • adding online lookup for Music/Artists,
  • making list of regular expressions for series lookup user extensible
  • better language selection for downloading online information, based on audio streams of video…

You can find screenshots and the development history of this feature in forums. Enjoy!


MediaPortal 1.3 Alpha Released – Installation and Configuration Overview

2:14 – Installation

8:00 – TV Server configuration

17:28 – Mediaportal Client Configuration

35:20 – Extension Installer

43:27 – Using MediaPortal

53:56 – Contact Us –

by MrSilencerbob

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