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Media Center Studio

Today technology has simplified so much things that is not surprising that many of us have mounted a media center in our home. Among all the alternatives that exists in the market, Windows Media Center is one of the most used as it is integrated into Microsoft’s operating systems.

But one of the factors that make Windows Media Center seen with suspicion by some users is that it lacks many customization options. However Media Center Studio allows you forget about this and make Windows Media Center a tool as you like.

The first thing to keep in mind is that Media Center Studio does not change the functioning of Windows Media Center. It just let us modify the interface of the application, which is not so little. We may create, export and import themes that apply directly on Windows Media Center and turn it into a more personalized tool.

Media Center Studio allows us to modify the Windows Media Center interface to such an extent that it is possible that less experienced users be a bit lost among so many options. I still believe this is positive because with a little skill you can modify to our own liking every corner of the application.

In addition to creating themes or templates, Media Center Studio has another feature that allows us to also modify the start menu of Windows Media Center, and, that way, we can remove those options that we tend not to use or change the place of some buttons to make it more confortable.

As I said the first time you use the application can overwhelm a bit, but if you use Windows Media Center I recommend you dig a little because in less than five minutes you will be creating some templates quite acceptable. Also interesting, is that you can export them and share them with your friends, and help the community of Media Center Studio to grow a little, and it is not surprising that templates created by handy people appear.

Media Center Studio works with Windows Vista and Windows 7 and is completely free.

Download: Media Center Studio


1 Comment

  1. Sonia says:

    NO documentation for a system with a very non-intuitive GUI. How the hell do the developers ever expect anyone to use this??!! Great idea but severely undercooked implementation.

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