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Media Buddy – A Remote Potato Client for Media Center

Media buddy for windows phone 7 is an application which connects to your home media center pc (running windows 7) and let you access all of your TV information. It includes browsing and playing your recorded TV, looking at your recording schedule & add/update it, looking at channels and program guide, find a show and schedule a new recording.

Some of the early features –

  1. Browse your recorded TV by titles and date and delete or play a recording.
  2. Browse your scheduled recordings and series and update them.
  3. View channels and upcoming shows with recording information
  4. Color coded program guide with dynamic recording information.
  5. Streaming of video to your phone in different quality formats to support various data speeds.
  6. Client side support for favorite channels (aggregate with favorites defined in Remote Potato server as well).
  7. Searching of program and scheduling.

This is the first release and there would be additional support for audio library in the upcoming release.

Note – Media buddy requires remote potato ( to be installed on your media center pc and configured to allow access. Please review remote potato terms and condition before purchasing this application.

A good setup guide for remote potato –

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