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Media Browser Version 2.3.0 Released

The biggest highlight for version 2.3.0 is performance. Media Browser moved to a service based architecture. You asked for it.

Media Browser Service

This new architecture allows us to more efficiently scan your library. It also allows us to host service based plugins. On a personal note, Media Browser now feel so much more snappy on all my systems.

There are also a ton of other changes which are documented in the change log and the complete list on the tracker.

A few other highlights are:

  • Fixes for broken podcast handling (you can watch TED again)
  • Many fixes to the default theme, by Sinjen (you can reach the Now Playing window – at last)
  • Prep work for Custom Intros prior to movies playing
  • Better Media Info Icons and fixes by (chip)
  • Startup is significantly faster, no more artificial lag when playing hd content
  • Enhanced multi-version plugins support (ebr)

… and many more

Check it out at


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