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Media Browser 2.3.1 (Titan) Released

After a few delays and nagging bugs, the Media Browser development team have officially released version 2.3.1, code name “Titan”.

This version has lots of bug fixes and other polish work and should have even more performance improvements. Some highlights:

  • Item paths are no longer subject to case sensitivity.  This means that things like shared playstates and shortcuts to items should sync up properly now.
  • Logging is now enabled by default, you can change the level of severity of messages that are logged and logfiles are cleaned out periodically (default 30 days).
  • Lots of changes and improvements surrounding the mediainfo provider.  It should no longer cause the refresh process to hang up, will now support analyzing folder rips of both DVDs and BDs (service only), and should just generally play a bit nicer with the system.
  • Better organization and display of plug-ins in the configurator
  • Direct entry points should now work properly with our single instance functionality.
  • Plug-in added collections (like music and trailers) should now refresh properly in the service
  • Items blocked by parental controls should now also refresh properly in the service.

Also, Titan coincides with the release of the new Media Browser Store.

Complete changelog can be found here.

Download the new release here.

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