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Mede8er MED500X Review

Mede8er is a little-known brand here. This South African company has however come up with a pretty good product in the MED500X. While this is the nth multimedia hard drive based on the HD Realtek RTD1073 chip, this design brings some good ideas in terms of display of film synopses and music album covers. Does it measure up to the Xtreamers and PopcornHour C-200s?

Sober-looking, the MED500X has a solid matte plastic casing, glossy just at the front. While there are several buttons on the front of the box, there’s no screen, while means you can’t use it when the TV is off.



Very good multimedia support

SDHC card reader

Rapid navigation interface





Good ideas, badly managed: film and album covers…

No advanced web functionality

No control screen



A very good product overall: it does what you ask of it and does it well. However it lacks the sort of true video library tool you find on the best media boxes. As we mentioned, a firmware update would improve things as would an active user community.
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