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MCE mini wireless keyboard

Product Description

This mini wireless keyboard is so small just fits in hand, and its center positioned mouse track and touch scrolling function let user control keyboard and mouse at the same time. Keyboard include11 hot keys and 12 embedded MCE function hot keys, just hold in check to takes less time. 2.4GHz Wireless technology allows user to enjoy wireless control from up to 10M away.

100% brand new
Support Windows 7, Vista and XP
Colors: Matt Black
Keycaps type: Low profile
Key switches:High quality metal domo membrane switch with tactile feedback
11 Hot Keys:Start Key to pop-up Media Center®
4 Internet Hot Keys: WWW, E-mail, Back, Forward
6 Multimedia Hot Keys: Volume down, Volume up, Mute, Pre track, Next track, Play/Pause
12 Embedded MCE Function Hot Keys are controlled by the [Fn Lock] key:Friendly Media Center® Menus
6 MCE Hot Keys: My Music, My Videos, My Pictures, My TV, My Radio, DVD
Pop-Up Windows® Vista and Windows 7 Features
6 Application Hot Keys: Close, Win select, Zoom +/-, Minimum, Flip 3D
Transmission Distance:10m
Battery Type: 2AA
Dimension:145 x 90 x 28 mm

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