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MC001-BD Entertainment Center with Blu-ray Player 4x

The ARCTIC MC001 has more to offer than a PC or a multi media streamer – it’s a refined entertainment center which combines both devices. With the MC001, you can spice up your leisure time with movies, music, TV and radio programs and enjoy all sorts of web-based activities ranging from checking emails, reading news, shopping online, social networking and many more. Be inspired by the unlimited possibilities that an MC001 offers you.

Performance at Low Power Consumption

The 64 bit Dual Core CPU (Atom D525) in combination with 4GB DDR3 RAM (3.25 GB operating system, 0.75 GB RAMDisk) and 80 cores from the DirectX 11 GPU (ATI 5430, 512 MB GDDR3) offer your applications the performance needed at the lowest possible power consumption. The 32 bit Windows consumes fewer resources and offers lower loading time than its 64 bit counterpart while performing at the same level for most applications. Thanks to a special software, the RAM above 3.25 GB is used by Windows as a cache.

The ATI Stream Technology allows applications like Internet browsers or media players to use also the GPU and thus improves the performance significantly.

strong>Out-of-Box Experience

A full plug-and-play experience is guaranteed thanks to the pre-installed Windows 7 Home Premium, fully configured and optimized for multimedia use. The MC001 is building the heart of your entertainment at home – right out of the box.

Passive Cooling – Inaudible Operation

The MC001 is passively cooled to enable silent operation while maintaining the hardware at optimal temperature. Even operating in the most noise-sensitive environments, either the living room or bedroom, it won’t be heard.

Full HD Cinema at Home

The MC001 supports 1080p HD video quality and includes 7.1-channel surround sound for an ultimate cinema experience. Taking full advantage of Blu-ray playback and direct access to video on-demand, you can lean back and have the most immersive and sensational movie experience comfortably at home.

Optimized TV Experience

The MC001 not only takes you to Internet TV, but also let you record and watch cable, satellite or terrestrial TV and use the time-shift function to stop and watch your favorite show anytime.*

The MC001 also adds versatility to your TV habits by offering you access to online services of all major TV stations. There you find infotainment, background information on broadcasts, current TV series, movies or TV shows you missed.
TV card necessary, available from September 2011

Remote Control App

Make your digital home more convenient and enjoyable with the ARCTIC remote app* for iOS/Android. Play music and movies, look at your pictures, listen to the radio, watch and record TV programs or surf on the Internet. Thanks to the comprehensive ARCTIC app all of them are seamlessly within reach anywhere in the house.
Available from July 2011, free of charge for MC001 customers. For non-iOS/Android users, consider the MCR1 as an option.

Multi-Room Entertainment

Listen to your music or radio station in the room of  choice while a movie is playing in the living room and other family members are listening to their music – all orchestrated by one entertainment centre – the MC001.*

To transfer music to other rooms, a wireless network and an ARCTIC Media Extender (available from July 2011) is necessary.Living Room DesignThe unique design makes the MC001 a true living room accessory. Designed in a 1.5L aluminum chassis with a thickness of merely 4 cm, this compact system fits elegantly both home and office.Multi-Port InterfaceMC001 is equipped with a 4-in-1 memory card reader, two USB 3.0 and five USB 2.0 ports to offer utmost connectivity.

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