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Maxell Brings Elite Multi-function HTPC Keyboard to Armchairs Near You

Finding the perfect HTPC keyboard can be a major chore. There are so many features to choose from and so many unlisted strengths and weaknesses that can’t be described. You can spend a small fortune trying to find just the right mix of functionality, features and style for your application. Maxell has adopted a favorite of ours from way back that has a fantastic blend of features which is now backed by the Maxell name. The Super Slim RF Home Theatre Keyboard has a great combination of features and power that make it ideal for all but the most stylized applications.The Super Slim RF Home Theatre Keyboard also sports a very functional smart multi-touch pad that can make couch-surfing on your big screen even more comfortable that from behind a mouse.

What many people fail to consider when selecting HTPC peripherals is that without a desk surface, the controls we are so familiar with become troublesome. The Super Slim RF Keyboard fits comfortably in one hand and has many programmable buttons and multi-touch gestures that make one handed operation a breeze. This has to be one of the top functional HTPC keyboards we’ve seen hit the scene. This keyboard would be for the power user. If you are more about unobtrusive high-tech Lenovo’s mini trackball qwerty remote is a best bet. If you are going solely for wow-factor and can stomach a wired keyboard, this is one of the coolest looking keyboards available by Cleankeys. A little more geeky but very impressive as well is the Art Lebedev Optimus Popularis. These can be hard to come by but if you are looking to really show off your HTPC toys these are all great choices.


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