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Marvell 88SS9187: 3rd Gen SATA 6.0 Gbps SSD controller

The SSD market is constantly changing and although most high-performance SSD incorporates LSI SandForce controllers , there are other efficient solutions as the Indilinx Everest controllers from OCZ (which recently had its second generation), VIA also wants to enter the market and the Marvell controllers reaching its third generation to suit the today’s technology demands, high-performance SSDs.

In this context, Marvell has announced it has begun the volume production of its new controller for Marvell 88SS9187 SSD compatible with 6.0 Gbps SATA interface with it’s 3.1 patch, offering a range of benefits for the consumer, enterprise and mobile markets.

Marvell says that a significant number of SSD manufacturers have prepared the dispatch of their units based on the new third generation controller, and more companies will implement this controller later this year in their respective products.

The new controller has a number of features in its architecture as an interface to NAND Flash memory with a bandwidth of 200 MB/s per channel (SSDs using multi-channel configurations) and the Marvell 88SS9187 supports up to 8 channels, so it can achieve read and write rates above 500 MB/s.

The controller also features new technology with its ECC (Error Correction Code) high performance technology with adaptive management of read and write and RAID support.

The open architecture of this controller also allows SSD assemblers and manufacturers to offer customized products according to user needs.

Finally, this driver supports improved methods of power management for lower consumption, lower latency and high performance.

Other distinguishing features of Marvell’s third-generation SATA 6 Gb/s SSD controller include:

  • Supports on-chip RAID technology for the NAND device with flexible customer firmware based algorithm to optimize retiring of defective NAND block, plane, die or device.
  • Supports high-speed DDR3 DRAM interface with support for up to 1 G byte memory that permits customer to implement highly performance optimized mapping algorithms.
  • Maximum sequential read performance for a SATA 6G device.
  • ~500MB/s of sequential write performance even at dirty drive conditions.
  • Best-in-class Random Read and Write IOPS with minimum over-provisioning and minimal performance degradation.
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