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Marantz NR1604: new 7.1 Slim AV Receiver with 1080p Upscaling, Prologic IIz and AirPlay

After the Marantz NR1504, the Marantz NR1604 is the second amp announced by the manufacturer, still in slim format but in 7.1. It also provides network functions, but also offers a scaling 1080p feature, and is also seen with a few extra watts.

Marantz NR1604

The Marantz NR1604 sees the power switch to 7 x 90 W (6 ohms) against the 60W x 7 of last year’s model, it has the HD audio decoders including Prologic IIz, which allows the use of conventional 5.1 by assigning two Front High speakers. Zone 2 is also usable in 2.0. Calibration is supported by the Audyssey MultEQ, the Audyssey Dynamic Volume & Dynamic EQ audio processing is also in this receiver. For the rest there is the Pure Direct mode and the and MDAX2 processing for compressed audio files. The 1080p upscaling is also back, still no details but it seems that a Analog Devices chipstet is present inside.

It is AirPlay and DLNA compatible for playing music wirelessly from a PC, NAS, smartphone and tablet, and there is a front USB port. The manufacturer announced the addition of FLAC, WAV and Apple Lossless until 192/24 support. It can also access online music services like Spotify and, as well as web radios.

The NR1604 will be available in late April (tbc), with a target price of $649.

Marantz NR1604_rear

Marantz NR1604

  • 7.1 amplifier
  • 7 x 90 W (6 ohms)
  • Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby True HD, DTS-HD, Prologic IIz
  • 1080p upscaling
  • Audyssey MultEQ calibration
  • Audyssey Dynamic Volume & Dynamic EQ audio processing
  • Pure Direct modes, MDAX2
  • AirPlay
  • DLNA
  • FLAC, WAV & Apple Lossless 192/24
  • Spotify,
  • webradios
  • Compatible Marantz remote (iOS & Android)
  • Connectivity:
    • 7 inputs /1 output  HDMI,
    • 2 inputs / 1 output Component
    • 3 inputs / 1 output Composite
    • 3 stereo RCA
    • 2 Pre-out stereo
    • 1 Subwoofer Pre-out,
    • 1 input/output coaxial
    • 1 optical input
    • 1 Ethernet port
    • 1 USB port.


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