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LUXA2 LM200 Touch HTPC Micro-ATX Chassis

Combining LUXA2’s unique character with an uncompromised design philosophy, the LM200 Touch offers a supreme combination of mulit-media, entertainment, leisure, luxury and refinement.

The LM200 Touch is a perfect marriage of tradition and innovation, the entirely new enclosure is forged from aluminum. In using aluminum as the primary material for the enclosure, weight is kept to an absolute minimum. It was designed to fulfill the owner with maximum living pleasure at all times, regardless of location or conditions. With the elegant curves polished by experienced craftsman, LM200 Touch is a masterpiece from LUXA2.


Micro-ATX form factor

  • With a depth of 400mm, it will comfortably fit inside home theater cabinets but still accommodate a regular sized power supply, Micro-ATX motherboard, and even high end graphics cards up to 11.5 inches. With HDMI motherboard and multi card reader integration, your LM200 will easily turn into your entertainment center in the living room.

The perfect integration with FrontView

  • FrontView, the new user interface for iMON Touch LCD, not only shows much more information than iMON LCD can do but also let user control media and applications by his finger or stylus pen.
  • In Display Mode, FrontView displays System Info (CPU, RAM, HDD, Network usage rate) with Headline News. Also FrontView displays Media Info (Media File Name, Track No, Running Time, Total Time, Media File Info, Volume) with Graphic EQ when system plays media file. It displays Calendar and weather info too.
  • In Control Mode, user can control Playback (Play, Pause, Next, Prev, FF, Rew), Volume (Up and Down), Navigate menu(Up, Down, Right, Left, Enter, Menu and so on), Go to media (Music, Movie, Photo, DVD, TV and Webcasting) and various applications (Application Launcher, Task Switcher and Shutdown).

7″ inches LCD touch screen

  • Featuring an impressive 7″ inch LCD touch screen which provides the user with an interface to control your media center from the enclosure without the need to turn on your main displa

Multimedia controller

  • LM100 Mini remote controller, a comfortable and advanced design completed through the expert experience. The PAD controller is designed to be able to be also used as four (up, down, left, right) arrow buttons on Keyboard.
  • Because the button layout of iMON PAD remote controller is well arranged and many media-play-related buttons are served, it is very useful on applications such as MultiMedian and Windows Media Center.

Total silence design with sturdy aluminum

  • The entire enclosure is constructed and polished with 5mm solid piece of aluminum to reduce vibration and isolate noise. To ensure the perfection on every surface, brushed finish process is carefully applied on LM100 Mini.

Green LUXA²

  • LUXA2 appreciates highly the environment that sustains life on earth for our future generations. Thus, LUXA2 dedicates to incorporate environmental technologies into new product designs. With the “Green LUXA2 Concept” and commitment, LUXA2 is engaged in an environmental management to preserve the environment and protect human health.

Reduced packaging

  • LUXA2 packaging is designed smaller to reach the goal of “Going Green”. We use less material to package, which means more products be loaded, and also reduces CO2 emissions and positive protect our planet.

Green Material (RoHS)

  • LUXA2 product designers are advised to reduce or substitute the use of hazardous substances. We maintain strict control over the chemical substances used, and take steps whenever possible to avoid the use of hazardous substances. Currently all LUXA2 products are made from green materials and all RoHS compliant.

Comfort Quiet

  • LUXA2 product designers are focusing to reduce the noise generated by our products. Researches have shown that noise can be annoying and even harmful to human health. To protect human health, PSUs in enclosure come with the patented QFan technology which minimizes the noise to the lowest level.

Recyclable (WEEE)

  • LUXA2 product designers are advised to incorporate recyclable materials into all the new products whenever possible. All LUXA2 products comply with WEEE which requires recycling of electronic and electrical products and, especially, most of the metal materials used in LUXA2 enclosure are recyclable.



Product Name: LM200 Touch
P/N: LVA20012N1Z
Case Type: Home Theater Media PC
Media Kits: Built-in all new revolutionary 7″ touch screen hot keys modul
Height: 203.5mm (8.01 inches)
foot stand included 218mm (8.58 inches)
Width: 400mm (15.75 inches)
Depth: 410mm (16.14 inches)
Weight: 8.77kg / 19.33 lbs
Cooling System Rear: 120 x 120 x 25 mm
4.72 x 4.72 x 0.98 inches
Silent Fan
1300rpm, 17dBA
Drive Bays: 3
Accessible – 1 x 5.25″
Hidden – 2 x 3.5″ HDD
Material: Aluminum extrusion
Color: Front Panel – Black
Body – Silver
Front I/O: USB 2.0 x 2
IEEE 1394 Firewire
Multi-card Reader
Card Reader Slot: MS/Pro/Duo
CF/Micro drive
SM….23in1 multi-card reader
Expansion Slots: 4
Motherboards: Micro-Atx
Mini ITX
PSU: Standard PSII Power Supply (Optional)

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