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Logitech Harmony Touch: Universal remote control with touch screen

There is still no news of the Logitech Harmony 800 QWERTY, but a member of AVS Forum fell by surprise on a brand new remote control posing on the shelves of a Best Buy store in the United States, the Logitech Harmony Touch. A remote control not yet announced by the manufacturer, Windows 8 certified, which seems to have landed there or it would probably not have to meet as early… The price: $249.

The Harmony Touch seems to be a cross between the Harmony One and the Harmony 1100, a mix between physical keys reduced to the minimum necessary to control devices, and a touch screen for text input (the Swype input method, by sliding the finger from one letter to another is very practical on a small screen, is supported according to the packaging) and the launch of activities in particular. You can also see that the screen is customizable, that allows you to define up to 50 icons of your favorite TV channels and it is possible to control up to 15 devices.

It only remains to come the formalizing of this new Logitech universal remote.

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