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Logitech Harmony 800 QWERTY: Remote for Smart TV and HTPC

Following the failure of the Google TV Logitech Revue box, the manufacturer announced earlier this year that he would rededicate itself to the world of universal remotes. So, a few stores are starting to announce a new reference, with the Logitech Harmony 800 QWERTY. An AZERTY version is also available.

A new universal remote dedicated to home cinema facilities, on which there is the traditional buttons dedicated to control the devices or delivery of activities and a color touch screen for display and selection of main controls. There, are the two main new features, pending the formalization of Logitech, is the presence of a QWERTY keyboard on the back of the remote, which in addition has the good taste to be backlit.

If the presence of a keyboard is more significant when using an HTPC, do not forget of course, the Smart TV, for some web browsing and text input in general. Another interesting point is the integration of a touchpad function, from the photo it seems that it is the touch screen which in this case to act as a touchpad.

Pending more information during the presentation of Logitech Harmony 800 QWERTY, with, perhaps, why not, other remotes.

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