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Logitech Harmony 700 Remote Control Review

Controlling out home theater devices can be a tricky business, especially when there are other members of the household that are befuddled or frustrated with our current lineup of remotes peeking out behind couch cushions.  Simplicity is key when keeping your significant other happy, so the Harmony series is certainly a great concept.   We have previously covered both the Harmony 1100 and 1000, touchscreen solutions before the iPad became a giant influence in the home theater space.   But we havn’t taken a look at the more traditional remote style since the Harmony 880, which we really enjoyed testing.  Logitech was nice enough to send over the Harmony 700 for testing.  The 700 doesn’t control as many devices as the Harmony One and doesn’t have the RF capabilities of the 900, but it does offer a couple expanded features over the 650 such as rechargeable batteries.


While it doesn’t have the sleek, polished styling of the Harmony One, the Harmony 700 comes in a cool matte black color with a similar button layout to the other remotes in the lineup.  The size is identical to the Harmony One, but is slightly heavier likely due to the AA-batteries in the remote rather than a lithium ion battery.   I actually preferred the extra weight to the remote as it feels more solid, but would have preferred to see a charging cradle come with the remote rather than the mini-USB cable that plugs into a standard wall outlet.  The display is just shy of 2 inches in size (square) and does not have touch screen support.  The resolution of the screen is 128 by 128 pixels and looks fairly bright in a darkened home theater room.



  • Excellent feel / weight in your hand.
  • Simple to program and intuitive when in use.
  • Battery life is excellent.
  • Despite the $150 MSRP, it can be found for less then $100 online frequently.


  • Not ideal for home theater projector owners or those with hidden home theater components.


The Harmony 700 home theater remote control is best suited for smaller home theaters or the family room. Controlling, for instance, a television, cable box, Xbox 360, Blu-ray player, A/V receiver and CD changer is simple and an ideal match for the Harmony 700. If you have a wider variety of devices, you are better suited checking out the Harmony One or the 1100. But you can’t beat the sub-$100 price point of the Harmony 700, especially for the functionality and simplicity of use.

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