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Logitech Harmony 300i Universal Remote

Logitech is introducing another universal remote control in the form of the Harmony 300i and similar to Valet Router announced by Cisco earlier today, the focus of the Harmony remote is in its simplicity.

In a recent study performed by Logitech, more then 75 million homes located within the US and Europe have tried a universal remote control at one point or another and of those, 1 in 3 have found the experience unsatisfactory. The main complaints were setup and ease of use.

The Harmony 300i aims to address the setup issue by using an online website for the setup of the universal remote. Through a step by step process, the consumer will be guided through the process and navigational menus will allow the user to select between 225,000 devices listed amongst 5000 different brands.

Once fully customized, the Harmony 300i is capable of replacing up to four remote controls. Expect to see the new device show up in shops in April with a retail price set at £29.99 in the UK or $49.99 in the US.

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