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Loftek 2.4Ghz Wireless Mouse+keyboard 2 in 1 Fly Air Mouse with Qwerty Keyboard

Fly Mouse is a new mouse and keyboard combo designed. It uses the bluetooth and it can be used up to 15 meters away from the PC/laptop. The sales pitch of Fly Mouse saying that their mouse and keyboard combo offering an all-in-one solution to control your media center PC.

The most interesting feature this Fly Mouse has is the Wii-like Mouse controlling. Wave over the screen will send the mouse pointer to move at the exact trail you draw. Check out the following video for more details. The last sentences the commentator said is “Try to move the mouse pointer by waving around.

The USB 2.4GHz Wireless Flying KeyMouse is a mini handheld keyboard which consists of 75 keys and a flying mouse. The flying mouse uses a new kind of position technology. You can control the mouse cursor in the air easily. Its portable and tiny design can be used for travel, school, or any other working environment. It is especially suitable for HTPC environment.


  •      Easy control of PC-based entertainment
  •      Control playback and volume with hand motions. Adjust volume by waving to the right or left
  •      Wii-like Mouse controlling
  •      Consists of 75 keys and a flying mouse
  •      It is especially suitable for HTPC environment.


  • Dimension: 200 x 59 x 25mm (approx.)
  • Operating distance: up to 15 meters
  • Weight: 149g
  • Color: Black
  • Keyboard: Built-in Media keyboard
  • Power: Powered by 3 x AAA batteries (not included)
  • System Requirements:Support WindowsXP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Mac OS X

Package Includes:

* USB 2.4GHz keymouse
* USB receiver
* User manual

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