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Lightpack – Ambient backlight for your displays

An Open-source content-driven lighting system you can use with your TV or PC, Mac, HTPC displays in movies, games and daily work.

When we were kids, many of us were not allowed to watch TV at night because watching it in the darkness was harmful for the eyes (which is actually true). Many of us are still not following the parent’s advice as it is a very good way to focus on what is going on on the screen (which is also true). Here we would like to share with you how you could continue watching TV or working on computer at night and stop bothering about the health of your eyes, and at the same time come to a new level of experience in gaming and watching movies.


Lightpack is an open-source device, which lightens your computer or TV screen to strengthen the presence effect. The device needs to be mounted on your TV or computer screen and to be connected to your PC, Mac or HTPC via USB. The software analyzes what you currently have on the screen, be it a movie, a game, or anything else, and sends this information to the Lightpack device which in turn lightens the surface behind the screen with matching colors using the RGB-LEDs available within the Lightpack device. You can find basics about Lightpack working principles in their project wiki.

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