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LG Unveils LW6500 for CES 2011

LG is proud to announce today the latest of TV that will be display at next month’s CES in Las Vegas, the LW6500. There is no information about the screen size, but the company is stating that this will be the first 3DTV to have a flicker-free picture. The key to this feature is that LG has done away with the typical active shutter glasses and instead have decided to use polarized glasses instead. These are the same glasses used in the movie theaters and have no moving parts, do not need to be synced, and never needs batteries. Polarized glasses are far less expensive as well, which is a big plus since the major complaint about 3DTVs this year was the price of 3D glasses. LG has also included several other features like Smart TV, LED Plus, TruMotion 200Hz, 2D-to-3D conversion, and many more. Hopefully at CES, LG will announce more information and a release date and price.

[via LG]

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