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LG Unveils a 47-inch Full HD TV With a 28W Record Power Consumption

LG may have found the solution to provide TV low power consumption by unveiling a 47-inch Full HD LCD panel which requires only 28 W. A record.

This is a time to save energy. With this in mind, LG has unveiled a 47-inch LCD TV 1080p that consumes only 28 W. Thus, the giant South Korean electronics designed the large diagonal screen that consumes the least energy in the world. For comparison, the 27-inch LG M2762D-PM computer screen of the same definition requires 55 W for a 300 cd/m2 lower brightness against 400 cd/m2 .

To achieve this performance, LG has used the backlight system. Energy saving is achieved by reducing the number of LED that illuminates the screen. Indeed, with 47 inches, the manufacturer has placed a single light source at the top of the screen.

In terms of image quality, there is a slightly faded look on the bottom right of the screen. However, LG will have the time to correct this problem since no sale date has been given so far.

“Together with our business partners, LG Display has developed this LCD technology to continue our commitment to improving energy fficiency with environmentally friendly solutions,” said Shin Ho Kang, vice president and head of LG Display’s LED Development Department. “We will continue to invest in developing more energy efficient technologies that can bring greater value to both the market and the environment.”

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