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LG Magic Remote: a new gyroscopic remote for 2013 TV range

In the preamble of CES 2013, after the great success of the Magic Remote, LG unveiled a new version of its remote control with some news, starting with a new design, improved voice control function, and always the presence of a gyro sensor.

The new Magic Remote version 2013 offers four modes of control, with the ability to control the television with voice and gesture commands, but also with a few buttons on the remote, and the central wheel to scroll web pages and zoom. Until now no novelty, except that the lines have just been reviewed, and a slightly different placement of the buttons. The buttons of the Magic Remote will be backlit in high-end models.

New this year is mainly looking into improving the vocal part, with the integration of new software for easier recognition commands. If you believe in LG it will be possible to simply say “Watch trailer Skyfall” for example, to gain access to the latest James Bond trailer on Youtube.

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