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LG builds 4k resolution 3D LCD TV

LG is leading its ways for 3D TVs, launching technology ahead of time.

LG has invented a new Technology called FPR or Film Patterned Retarder. FPR is said to be most superior 3D liquid crystal display (LCD) systems.

What’s different in FPR

The current generation system uses a frame sequential method and the display is viewed using liquid crystal shutter glasses (SG). The new technology uses a polarized film substrate in the panel and is viewed using polarized film glasses. FPR reduces the vertical resolution to half that of a panel and produces a near-4K resolution full high definition 3D picture that is extremely sharp and bright. The system was demoed on an 84-inch display, playing a 4x times 1080p HD video.

It argues that the current generation of Shutter Glasses (SG) 3D panels have problems with the weight of the shutter glasses, power consumption and reduced brightness. By contrast, LG Display’s new FPR technology has no flickering, produces minimal cross talk (the blurry ghosting image) and delivers a brighter screen. This allows for 3D glasses to be lighter, polarized and more curved like regular glasses.

The polarized film glasses eliminate the flicker and crosstalk problems and neither do they require power from batteries or USB charge and hence are more comfortable. This would also remove synchronization errors, and occasional interruptions.

The step is evolutionary, and not by any means revolutionary. 3D TVs without Glasses would be the revolution. But achieving 4K resolution in 3D is the next big thing.


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