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LG 50PK750 Plasma HDTV Review

LG caught my eye last year with their lineup of HDTVs, especially the 50-inch, 50PK750 reviewed here. The industrial design of the 50PK750 plasma television is clean and very modern. The glass front piece covers the entire front portion of the television, eliminating the raised bezel found on most units. The glass panel extends about a quarter inch past the edges of the television body. The only items on the front panel noticeable from any distance are the LG logo at the center of the bottom and a power indicator light on the bottom right portion of the panel that changes from red in standby to blue when in use. Touch buttons for basic controls are also on the bottom portion of the bezel but they are nearly invisible unless you are right in front of the TV.


If you are looking for a new television and do not need 3D capability, the LG 50PK750 deserves your attention. The television has a complete feature set with a good Picture Wizard for setup; multiple, customizable viewing modes and most useful, NetCast. Picture quality may not provide the last word in contrast or black levels but the colors and video processing were very good making for a very good picture overall.

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  1. Elias says:

    This was a great review! I’ve been needing an upgrade on the TV and think this will be the way to go for my budget. I’m a DISH customer/employee and have the best HD in the industry so I want to make sure that my TV is able to keep up with it and display that awesome 1080 to full advantage.

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