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LENOVO Q100 and Q110

Meet the Q Series

Tight on space? On a tight budget? Why not consider a mini PC? These PCs aren’t just for desks. They are cool digital lifestyle devices you won’t want to live without

Q100. Basic mini PC
The size of a book and just right for email, internet, music and more. They’re quiet and consume less energy than standard PCs

Q110. Premium Full-HD mini PC
As tiny as Q100 with upgraded graphics, more storage and Full hi-def support. Pair with your HD TV for an affordable media PC

Q100/Q110. The anywhere PCs

Make bulky PCs and tangled cables a distant memory. Spend more time enjoying your PC rather than struggling with where to put it, hide it, afford it, or worse—not get it.
PCs are no longer banished to remote rooms in the house. At 6.7h x 6w x 0.79 thin, these nettops fit anywhere. Place them in the living room, bedroom or even the kitchen counter for quick, easy anytime access.
Q100 and Q110 are possibly the tiniest, thinnest nettops around. But if you are really tight on space, Q110 can attach to the back of your monitor to create a mini all-in-one PC.
(VESA-compatible bracket included.)

Q100 vs. Q110. What’s the skinny on these minis?
They look identical, rival the competition in size and performance, are available in black or white with the same easy set-up and convenient 6 USB ports. They even have the same Intel® Atom™ processor. What’s the difference?

Q100 basic mini PC

Tiny, ultra-slim and extremely affordable. Fits anywhere you need a PC. Ideal for basic computing tasks, internet, email and more.

VGA port
Connect your mini PC to your monitor to output to a large screen. Enjoy streaming movies, playing online games and more.

Energy efficient
Uses 90% less energy than a standard desktop. When idle, it consumes less energy than a 14-watt bulb.

Nice and quiet
A completely fanless design means zero background noise. Quiet enough for any room in the house.

Q110 premium mini PC

The smallest and most powerful nettop yet. Designed with more storage for videos, games and music with Full HD support

HDMI port
Output movies, games, photos and more to a larger HD TV in crystal-clear 1080p HD video and audio

Larger capacity
Q110 has 250GB storage (compared to Q100’s 160GB) plus twice the memory to store all your multimedia.

Full HD graphics with NVIDIA ION graphics
Quality high definition 1080p video and 3D gaming capabilities in a tiny nettop.

IdeaCentre Q100 3014-1FU

Intel Atom 230, 1GB, 160GB 7200RPM S-ATA HDD, no diskette drive, PCI/PCIe Ultra Small Form Factor (1×2), Sis Mirage 307DV, Gigabit Ethernet, Windows XP Home Premium

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