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Lenovo introduces IdeaCentre Q150 nettop with optional remote and keyboard

Lenovo unveiled the IdeaCentre Q150 nettop computer, which has some Intel CPU choices as well as the option for a remote control with a keyboard.

Two big choices to make right off the bat are for processors and graphics. Buyers can either opt for the Intel Atom single-core D410 or the dual-core D510. Then, there’s the decision between Intel GMA 3150 graphics or NVIDIA GeForce 9400M-based Ion chipset if you’re really serious about your GPU. If you choose the NVIDIA chipset, that will also bring along 1080p full HD video playback support via HDMI output.

Finally, the Q150 runs on Windows 7 Home OS, but customers can choose between the Basic or Premium version. Everyone who gets the Q150 should expect on-board Wi-Fi and a set of USB 2.0 ports. Note that you’ll have to spring for your own optical drive with this box.

One interesting touch on this 0.82 x 6.7-inch box is the potential addition of a multimedia remote control. The remote hosts an integrated trackball mouse and mini QWERTY keyboard for basic Internet work. While it seems like a nifty add-on, it isn’t clear how much this will add to the price.

What is known is that pricing for the IdeaCentre Q150 starts at $299, and this slim nettop PC will be available in June.

You can check out another picture.

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