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Launch of GT 610, 620 and 630… just renaming?

Inevitably you have understood from the title of this article that Nvidia is formalizing its GT 610, GT 620 and GT 630 entry-level cards and the waltz continues as the renaming of these three references have nothing do with Kepler, nor even remotely as we are entitled to the Fermi once again…

To make it simple, because in the end there’s no need to detail this new range, the GT 610 is a renamed GT 520 (thus with a GPU GF119) while the GT 620 and GT 630 are the well known GT 430 and GT 440 (with GF108 GPU). The GT 620 is paid for the luxury of being a “sub GT 430” because the GT 430 is officially in 128-bit memory bus, the GT 620 is available in 64-bit… so take your conclusions.

GT 610 GT 620 GT 630
GPU GF119 GF108 GF108
Engraving 40nm 40nm 40nm
CUDA Cores 48 96 96
Memory Interface Width 64-bit 64-bit 128-bit
GPU Clock 810MHz 700MHz 810MHz
Shader Clock 1620MHz 1400MHz 1620MHz
RAM Clock 900MHz 900MHz 900MHz / 1600MHz
Max Power consumption 29W 49W 65W


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