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Kylo Browser addon to your HTPC

Sit back and get ready for big-screen browsing. Kylo brings your TV and computer together to create the ultimate content experience. Enjoy your favorite online shows, videos, music, games and news. Take your HDTV anywhere on the web.


  • Lots of viewing space and no visual clutter
  • Big fonts and big buttons for easy navigation from across the room
  • An easy-to-use onscreen keyboard
  • Zoom-and-pan power that brings every site into view


Kylo’s wide-open interface is designed specifically to fit your TV screen. It’s not just a blown-up web browser. Kylo lets you enjoy your favorite content fast. Don’t waste time hunting through lists of links and unreadable text. See what you want to see!


Kylo lets you surf the web with ease from across the room. It features large icons and bold text you won’t find in standard browsers. Size matters, especially on the big screen!


The last thing you need is another piece of equipment cluttering your coffee table. Use Kylo’s onscreen keyboard instead! Quick and intuitive, it lets you input web addresses, instant messages, and even emails using a classic QWERTY interface.


Onscreen reading is a breeze with Kylo. The Zoom-and-Pan feature lets you enjoy text content when you’re ten feet from the screen. Instead of squinting, sit back and enjoy online content the right way.


Check it out at

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