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Koribo Mini Wireless Keyboard

The Koribo Mini RF 2.4GHz wireless keyboard brings a new and innovative spirit to the world of HTPC control boards. A perfect keyboard and mouse that fits your hand, the keyboard is packed with over 30 easy-to-use shortcut keys and hot keys. It allows an amazing operating range of 10m/30ft, no matter where the receiver is placed – line of sight is not required!

The keyboard is designed to be held easily with one or two hands, and is equipped with a mobile-phone style keypad for easy thumb-typing which is very intuitive to use.
For those of you who seek a small, elegant solution that fits anywhere (smaller than some TV remotes!), and allows full control of your PC or HTPC, Mini is your best option!

Technical Details

Working Range
10 meter effective working range including transmission through walls – 15m / 50ft in open space.
Requires 2 x AA batteries for approx. 3 months of battery life (based on average 2 hour daily use of 2 hours)
Sleep feature extends battery life.
Low battery light indicator.
Media Center and Other Hot Keys
11 Hot Keys:
  • Start Key to launch Media Center®
  • 4 Internet Hot Keys: WWW, E-mail, Back, Forward.
  • 6 Multimedia Hot Keys: Volume Down, Volume Up, Mute, Pre-track, Next track, Play/Pause.
12 Embedded MCE Function Hot Keys are controlled by the “Fn Lock” key:
  • 6 MCE Hot Keys: My Music, My Videos, My Pictures, My TV, My Radio, DVD.
  • 6 Application Hot Keys: Close, Win select, Zoom +/- , Minimum, Flip 3D.
“Joystick” style “thumb size” control, including a touch scrolling bar.
Left and Right Click buttons on the top for easy reach with the index finger.
Supported OS
Built-in Media Center© hot key for use with Vista Media Center and Windows 7 Media Center.
Other operating systems may be supported as long as they comply with HID (Human Interface Device).
2.4 GHz radio frequency, 8 Channels with 16 bits, 65536 IDs per channel.
10,000,000 cycles per key with less than 10msec bounce time.
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