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Koribo Leira Media Center Keyboard


This cutting edge RF 2.4GHz wireless keyboard is one of the best HTPC control boards in the market today.
Leira is equipped with a “state of the art” touch-pad that allows multi-touch capabilities for easier control of mouse buttons. It allows an amazing operating range of 10m/30ft no matter where the receiver is placed – no line of sight is required!

Easily use it on the table/desk with the non-skid rubber pads or enjoy handheld operation and effortless typing. Leira allows you to breeze through your emails and favorite web pages.

And last but not least, Leira is capable of controlling your media center application with all the right buttons and hot keys for a single click access – no need to look for the button on the screen, one click and you’re done!


Working Range
10 meter effective working range including transmission through walls – 15m / 50ft in open space.
Requires 2 x AA batteries for approx. 3 months use.
Sleep feature extends battery life.
Low battery light indicator.
Media Center and Other Hot Keys
Media Center Launch, Close, WWW, My TV, My Video, My Picture, My Music, Live TV, Channel Up, Channel Down, Volume Up, Volume Down, Mute, Pre-Track, Next-Track (Skip), Play, Record, Pause, Stop, Fast Forward (FWD), Fast Backward.
Multi-touch Touchpad, 400 DPI – same as in most laptops.
Cursor control at your finger tips:
  • Tap 1 finger: Left button click
  • Tap 2 fingers: Middle button click (great for scrolling pages, just like with Mac)
  • Tap 3 fingers: Right button click
Also, two sets of built-in mouse and scroll keys on both sides.
Supported OS
Built-in Media Center© hot key for use with Vista Media Center and Windows 7 Media Center. Supports Windows 2000 and later. Other operating systems may be supported as well as HID (Human Interface Device).
Linux (except for Windows hot keys).
2.4 GHz radio frequency, 4 Channels with 16 bits, 65536 IDs per channel.
10,000,000 cycles per key with less than 10msec bounce time.


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