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Kingwin Lazer Platinum 550W Power Supply

Kingwin is not a name that comes first to mind when considering computer power supplies. Yet, a few months ago, it became  first brand to market with  a retail 80 Plus Platinum computer power supply, boasting an official tested maximum energy efficiency  of 92.88%. Platinum is the higest rank given to computer power supplies tested by the 80 Plus program, which recognizes and rewards high efficiency PSU makers, and system integrators who utilize such PSUs in their PCs.

Just a decade ago, typical PSU efficiency in computers was below 70%, which meant a  third of all electrical energy consumed by computers around the world was going to waste. Today, thanks in large part to the 80 Plus incentives, such waste has been much curbed, with manufacturers routinely offering 85% efficient PSUs. The last big push among power supply makers was for  80 Plus Gold, to bring maximum efficiency up to at least 90%. Platinum pushes the bar up to 92%.

Their website states that “Kingwin was founded in 1992 with a mission to produce quality accessories, solutions, and options for its customers. Its main categories include: external/internal storage solutions, power supplies and thermal solutions” for the DIY computer maket. We happen to know that Superflower is the actual manufacturer of this power supply, and markets it under its own brand as Golden King. There are currently some 25 Platinum rated models in the 80 Plus test database, and Superflower has five of them. Platinum PSUs are not easy find on the market, however.

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