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Kingston launches the SSDNow V+200

Kingston announces a new series of SSDs, the SSDNow V+200. Available in 60, 90, 120, 240 and 480GB, these SSDs actually combine a SandForce SATA 6G controller and the MLC 25nm asynchronous memory, like the OCZ Agility 3 and Corsair Force 3.

These SSD will complement the Kingston’s SATA 6G range composed in the entry level by the SSDNow V200 based on the JMicron controller and the high end with the HyperX by combining SandForce SATA 6G and and 25nm MLC synchronous memory(such as Vertex 3 and Force 3 GT).

Having a 3-year warranty, they have the respective price of 140, 196, 245, 479 and $970. Performance with highly compressible data of 535 MB/s read and 480 MB/s write (460 MB/s in 60 GB).

Kingston announces this IOPS:

IOPS 4K random read / write (supported):

60GB – 12,000/47,000 IOPS

90GB – 20,000/47,000 IOPS

120GB – 20,000/44,000 IOPS

240GB – 36,000/43,000 IOPS

480GB – 43,000/30,000 IOPS

IOPS 4K random read / write (max):

60GB – 85,000/60,000 IOPS

90GB – 85,000/57,000 IOPS

120GB – 85,000/55,000 IOPS

240GB – 85,000/43,000 IOPS

480GB – 75,000/34,000 IOPS

As usual with the SandForce-based SSDs, especially with asynchronous memory, this performance with highly compressible data is unrepresentative of actual use. When they are not, the 60 GB version will fall like OCZ or Corsair to 180 MB/s read and 65 MB/s write, against 195 MB/s read and 130 MB/s write for the 120 GB version.

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