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Kingston HyperX SSD based on SandForce Controller

Kingston HyperX SSD based on SandForce Controller

Kingston announced its first HyperX SSD, its first solid state drive based on SandForce’s controller. Equipped with SandForce’s SF-2281 controllers featuring SATA Rev 3.0 (6Gb/s), the HyperX uses Intel 25nm compute NAND flash memory and is available in 120GB and 240GB capacities. You can expect up to 525MB/s read and 480MB/s write speeds and 4KB random read/write speeds of up to 95,000/70,000 IOPS.

Kingston HyperX SSD based on SandForce Controller 1

With the SF-2281 processor, Kingston HyperX features DuraClass Technology to “deliver world-class SSD reliability, performance, and power efficiency”, and Advanced Wear-Leveling Technology that ensures individual flash memory blocks are consumed at a very balanced rate enabling maximum endurance while maintaining optimal performance. It employs user configurable over provisioning, which allows the user to tweak the SSD’s performance per their specific performance needs.

Kingston’s HyperX 2.5-inch SSD supports S.M.A.R.T and TRIM commands. It is available standalone or as an upgrade kit that includes 2.5-inch desktop mounting plate, HyperX USB External Drive Bay, Acronis True Image HD migration software, HyperX Multi-Head Screwdriver and HyperX SATA Data Cable.


Kingston HyperX SSD
Part number Capacity and features
SH100S3/120G 120GB Stand-alone SSD
SH100S3/240G 240GB Stand-alone SSD
SH100S3B/120G 120GB HyperX Bundle Kit
SH100S3B/240G 240GB HyperX Bundle Kit







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