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KeySonic KSK-5200 RFM Wireless Keyboard

KeySonic KSK-5200 RFM Wireless Keyboard

KeySonic has recently unveil its new Wireless Keyboard, the KSK-5200 RFM. This new gadget has designed to use with with a HTPC or a laptop that it’s allow to take wherever you go. KeySonic has start offer this keyboard first in European Market with price around 49 Euro.

The KeySonic KSK-5200 RFM Wireless Keyboard has designed to be good-looking and compact size with measures at 388 x 42 x 185 millimeter. The KeySonic KSK-5200 features a 2.4 GHz wireless connectivity that you can control it in a wide range up to 10 meters, you can use this keyboard as a mouse because it’s comes with a scroll wheel and two mouse buttons on the left and a trackball on the right.

The KSK-5200 Keyboard make it’s easier for multimedia and internet activities, thanks for 12 hotkeys. It’s use energy from 4 AA batteries.


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