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KEF E305: 5.1 compact speakers kit

Definitely very active in the last months, either with the LS50 speakers or the KEF X300A active speakers, the manufacturer today introduced the KEF E305, a 5.1 compact speaker kit, which reinforces the mid-range offer of the manufacturer already pretty well supplied with the famous KHT-2005 & KHT-3005 kits.


The E305 pack consists of four E301 satellite speakers and a  E301c central speaker with similar architecture, since it is 2-way  Bass-reflex speakers featuring of the Uni-Q technology, it incorporates an aluminum tweeter (19 mm) and a aluminum bass/midrange cone (115 mm). The announced frequency response is 90 Hz at 33 kHz, which is rather interesting in terms of dimensions, the performance of 86dB is still slightly behind, so it should better to add a dynamic amplifier.

For its part, the E-2 subwoofer has a 200mm speaker and a Class D amplifier of 250 Watts. The frequency response is 33 Hz-280 Hz.

The KEF E305 5.1 kit is now available, priced at only €999.


KEF E305 main features

  • Compact 5.1 speaker kit
  • 4 E301  satellite speakers (2-way bass-reflex)
  • 1 E301c center speaker (2-way bass-reflex)
  • Frequency Response: 90 Hz-33 kHz (+ /-3dB)
  • E-2 Subwoofer
  • 250 Watt Class D amplifier
  • Frequency Response: 33 Hz-280 Hz
  • RCA inputs


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