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JVC DLA-X3 Home Theater Projector Review


Just as projection is the ultimate way to watch movies, so is it the best way to watch 3D. Nothing produces an immersive 3D image like a huge projection screen.  Shortly after the launch of 3D HDTVs, a handful of 3D projectors for the home made their way to market. As with all electronics, new models have subsequently come out with better performance, and lower cost.

In fact, the DLA-X3 D-ILA Projector from JVC (MSRP: $4,495) is one of the least expensive Full HD 1080p 3D-capable projectors on the market. Its main competitors are the Sharp XV-Z17000 DLP Projector ($4,995) and JVC’s own DLA-X7 ($7,995), both of which offer compelling reasons for spending more money.



  • Excellent and accurate 2D picture
  • Great blacks
  • Quiet
  • Nice price for Full HD 1080p 3D


  • Only average brightness…
  • Which is most noticable with 3D


Ignoring the 3D aspect for a moment, the DLA-X3 is a fantastic projector at a fantastic price. It’s certainly not as bright as some other options out there, and as such is probably best matched with a screen 100 inches diagonal or smaller (as mentioned, JVC recommends 90-inches diagonal).  Also, my tests were all done on a unity gain white screen.  If you plan on watching a lot of 3D, you should consider a screen with greater than 1.0 gain.

But it all comes back to the black levels and contrast ratio: these are so good even the slightly inaccurate color becomes irrelevant. It’s simply an awesome image.


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