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JVC DLA-F110 3D Video Projector

If you are searching for a new high performance 3D video projector, then check out the JVC DLA-F110.

It’s geared primarily toward museums and planetariums, which means if you decided to patch one of these into your home theater system, your geek cred would probably shoot through the roof.

JVC DLA-F110 impressive new projector will not only handle 3D video, but will show in a 30000 : 1 contrast ratio at a surprisingly bright 1700 lumens.

It has essentially the same specs as earlier models like the DLA-X7, including two HDMI ports for you to hook in your various devices, but shows its video a whole lot brighter.

The JVC DLA-F110 3D video projector is priced at a hefty 900,000 Yen or approx. $11,000


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