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JNF9C-2600: the new mini-ITX motherboard by Jetway

Jetway trusted the new Intel Atom Cedar Trail to develop its new mini-ITX motherboard, the JNF9C-2600. As its name suggests, it is based on an Atom N2600.

If the Intel Atom Cedar Trail have lost some of their greatness in recent years, they may know a brighter future with media players. In this register, Jetway offers its JNF9C-2600, a new mini-ITX motherboard that works effectively with a dual-core Atom N2600 with Hyper-Threading, which embeds a 1 MB L2 cache. Clocked at 1.6 GHz, the chip engraved in 32 nm has a TDP of 35 watts.

Moreover, the JNF9C-2600 is equipped with a Power VR SGX 545 graphics chipset. Thus, Jetway offers a 100% passive cooling with two aluminum radiators to dissipate the heat from these components.

Regarding other features, including the SO-DIMM slot that can accommodate up to 2 GB of DDR3 RAM. There are also two SATA 3 Gbps ports and two mini PCI Express x1 slots, one of which is for the WiFi connection and one for a SATA/SSD storage solution. The JNF9C-2600 has an HDMI output and three USB 2.0 ports, one Gigabit Ethernet and an audio output. We also note the presence of a serial port. The power is provided by a 12V DC.


For now, the JNF9C-2600 is available in the U.S. at a price of 160 USD.

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