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JBL Cinema 300 and 500 Speakers

JBL intends to rock your living room with a couple more speaker systems – the Cinema 300 and 500. As their names suggest, you can be sure that your home movies will never sound the same again.

This complete 5.1 home theater package is touted to deliver power as much as it does clarity, letting your ears pick up distinct dialogue, crisp, accurate music, and deep floor-rumbling bass without waking the neighbors up.

The Cinema 300 is the more budget-friendly option and is comprised of four satellite speakers, a dual mid-range center speaker and a 150-watt powered subwoofer that resembles Darth Vader’s helmet.

The Cinema 500 is mixed around a bit, still with the 150-watt subwoofer but the satellites and center speaker are fused into five dual mid-range satellite speakers.

Both models were specially designed with signature JBL Weave aesthetic styling, sporting a quartet of identical satellites which are voice-matched to the center for consistent sound from speaker to speaker, resulting in a more realistic 360-degree surround-sound field in the entire room. The 500 system has a lower crossover point compared to the 300 in the surrounding satellite speakers with dual 3-inch (75mm) PolyPlas cones for even more movie-watching realism.

Expect to fork out $499 for the JBL Cinema 300 system and $699 for the JBL Cinema 500 system as they become available at a retailer near you.


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