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Japanese companies prepare new Blu-Ray for High Resolution Audio

As did, while ago, the Blu-Ray format with the high-definition video, now a group of Japanese companies among which are Memory-Tech, Krypton, Q-tec and Camerata Tokyo, are proposing a new blu-ray format for high quality audio to be stored on Blu-ray discs.

These companies have formed the “Promotion Group of Blu-ray Disc for High Resolution Audio” to speed up the adoption of this new format that is intended to make its way in the market for high-resolution audio.

According to the technical data, the new Blu-ray high-resolution audio discs store 96kHz/24bit or 192kHz/24bit Linear PCM audio (uncompressed), ie, an audio format that maintains the master quality without any degradation that can result by the use of some compression technique. The main disadvantage is that it takes a lot of disc space and it would be used for blu-ray discs that provide the necessary space.

discs are compatible with BD players and recorders, however, the BD Video standard supports up to 96kHz and 192kHz optionally, so both sampling rates of 192kHz and 96kHz audio will be included in the new Blu-Ray.

The new group plans to offer to Japanese record companies a complete environment for production and authoring discs. Camera Toky will release three albums in the new format in November and will not cost much more than the current Super Audio CDs.

Via SP, ixbt and cdr-info

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