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iPhone 4S: Control your Car and a Media Center from Siri

Last week, a hack of Siri Proxy allow the addition of new phrases and interaction capabilities with the Apple’s voice assistant, made ​​its appearance. A discovery that already shows a wide range of possibilities more exciting than the others …

So a hacker, from this new tool, has succeeded to enter commands to control certain functions of his car as the trunk, start engine , or the activation of the alarm from Siri voice assistant. In a second step, we spend this time in Iceland with the hacker Hjalti Jakobsson, which from the creation of a plugin for Plex, simply control the Media Center from Siri. This indicates, for example, as you will see in the video below, the reading of Seinfeld Season 6, episode 5, then the system is running very fast to start playing the episode.

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