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iPazzPort Mini Wireless Keyboard Touchpad for Htpc

Product Description

Applications: Wireless (R.F 2.4G) connection (default) (bluetooth is optional, upon request), smart and portable size To enjoy multi-media entertainment PC at home Convenient & efficient for Conference, Presentation, Lecturing To share large TV and projector screen Large pad for hand write. Features: a. Wireless remote control of your PC b. USB wireless audio for VOIP application (optional, upon request) c. Enhances Internet TV viewing with Remote Control “just like your TV Remote Control” d. Adds a professional lecturing and teaching tool to presentations e. Convenient size f. Plug and play g. Backlit keyboard for comfortable operation in darkened room. Specifications: 2.4GHz DSSS radio transreceiver, 10M Max. distance Dimension: 85mm*135mm*10mm Weight: 60g Click Amplification Free one-year warranty NEW FEATURE!!! SUCCESSFULLY TESTED ON iPad AND iPhone!!!

Product Features

  • Easy To Use? quicker keys than the previous models
  • Tailor-made for HTPC, backlit buttons
  • Wireless RF or Bluetooth (optional)
  • Successfully tested on iPad and iPhone
  • Mini and Portable

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