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Iomega ScreenPlay TV Link DX HD Review

A media streamer delivered with a keyboard remote! If that isn’t something to get the pulse racing! Does the little Iomega ScreenPlay TV Link DX HD really outclass the competition when it comes to Internet connectivity or is the remote just another useless accessory?

Small box, big remote

There’s no fan or hard drive in this streamer,  which makes it absolutely quiet. The only thing we’d fault it on in terms of finish is the glossy surface which picks up dust and finger marks all too easily.

A large remote is supplied to help you navigate the media centre. It’s practical for typing the odd word in Internet applications (see inset) but navigating the menus isn’t all that easy. It would perhaps have been more judicious to deliver an additional, minimalist remote for rapid control of the device.


Multimedia compatability

Internet browser is easy to work your way around thanks to the keyboard remote

Displays miniatures of album covers, posters or photos

Wi-fi dongle comes with



No SDHC reader

No full bitstream for DTS HD MA and Dolby Digital plus



The compatibility of this streamer is a real strength, as is the potential offered by the interface. The networking is fine when you’re using the wired connection but is a bit laborious with the wi-fi.


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