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Iomega ScreenPlay MX HD Review

With the ScreenPlay MX HD, Iomega is giving us its version of the minimalist media centre: no networking, no Internet applications, just playback of multimedia files via the USB port or internal 1 or 2 TB hard drive.

Compact and well finished, this centre contains an internal 1 TB, 1.5 TB or 2 TB hard drive – you choose on purchase. It runs silently and is piloted with a rather banal remote. You don’t get the “Go To” feature, which takes you straight to a precise place in the film, on this remote, just the standard fast forward and back buttons.

The navigation interface isn’t exactly innovative, in fact you get the same as you get with the competition. You view the files in list format or by thumbnail. Thumbnail photos are displayed in mosaic form or as a wall of film posters for videos. You have to add the posters manually however as they aren’t automatically retrieved from the Internet.



Multimedia compatability

Rapid copying via USB

Viewing of photos in mosaic format

Can display film posters (no automatic support)



No full bitstream for DTS HD MA and Dolby Digital plus

No DTS decoding

No SDHC reader

Audio interface needs revisiting

Poor SD upscaling



Just one more media centre which will be lost in the mass. Not one we’d particularly recommend then, unless of course you can pick it up for a real bargain.

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