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Iomega Home Media Network Cloud Edition Hard Drive

Iomega announced new consumer and business NASes with its Personal Cloud technology; an easy way to remotely access and share data.

The new Home Media drive from Iomega boasts a built-in UPnPAV Media Server (DLNA certified) and iTunes Server so content can be shared between computers and any other digital media adapters such as game consoles, digital picture frames or networked TVs.

By setting up the “Active folders”, you can automatically post selected files to your Facebook, YouTube and Flickr account.

The Home Media Network Hard Drive Cloud Edition will be available in 1 TB ($160 MSRP) and 2 TB ($200 MSRP) starting from the end of January 2011.

Features include (from the spec sheet):

Three step setup – simply plug it into your router, power it on and install the software CD.
New EMC Lifeline interface to access the different features and applications user friendly according to the manufacturer

Performances and connectivity
PLX 7820 dual core processor running at 600Mhz:

  • 3x the read performance over the last generation means superfast speeds
  • Can stream multiple HD movies at the same time according to Iomega (we have not tested)

Consumes less than 8 Watts of power during operation. Uses less than 2 Watts of power when idle.
5900rpm low power drive
Cool, quiet, fan-less design
10/100/1000 Ethernet Port
2 USB ports
UPnP and DLNA Certified
Built in AV Media Server – Able to stream photos, audio content and videos to a
variety of media devices like game consoles (XBOX® 360, PlayStation® 3), audio bridges, iTunes players, picture frames, networked TVs, etc.
Torrent Enabled – Easier and faster downloads of large media fi les without the need of a PC.

Security and reliability

  • Full suite of backup, protection and recovery software with
  • Iomega Protection Suite which includes:
  • Trend Micro antivirus • Iomega QuikProtect
  • MozyHome Online Backup Service • Iomega V.Clone

Device-to-Device Replication – Replicate your data to and from your
Home Media drive, or to another network target using Copy Jobs.

Time Machine Support – The Home Media drive will serve as a Time
Machine target for your Apple computers.

EMC LifeLine – The management software that powers all Iomega StorCenter NAS devices and home network solutions delivers functionality that stores, shares, manages, and protects data.


  • Active Folders – Set up Active Folders to automatically post files to Facebook, YouTube and Flickr accounts.
  • Iomega QuikTransfer – QuikTransfer button on the front of the Home media drive for
  • transferring data to and from a USB drive or running a copy job, without the need of a PC.

Iomega Personal Cloud
file sharing and secure remote access of your data with a web-based interface

Box Content

  • Home Media Network Hard Drive, Cloud Edition
  • Ethernet cable
  • Power supply
  • Printed Quick Start Guide
  • Solutions CD with software

System Requirements

  • Available 10/100/1000 Mbps network Ethernet port
  • Internet connection for remote access or cloud feature
  • PC: Microsoft® Windows® XP or newer;
  • Internet Explorer 7, Firefox® 3.x, Safari 3 or later browser
  • Mac: Mac OS X 10.4 or newer
  • Linux: Redhat 9, Enterprise 4/5, Gentoo, Mandrake 10, Devian 4, FedoraCore 6/5, OpenSUSE 10.3

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