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Iomega also offers a Boxee media player with Intel

After D-Link, Iomega presents a multimedia player using the Boxeesoftware. Some small details differentiate the two cases.

D-Link offers for several months the media center Boxee Box. The internal software of the device is developed not by D-Link, but by a community of developers who also offer the program for computers. Boxee software has the advantage of automatically creating a video jukebox or retrieve music album art.

The software is accessible to everyone. Iomega took the opportunity to make a multimedia box that uses it. The user interface and multimedia decoding are identical to the D-Link Boxee Box. In terms of technical features, the Iomega TV Boxee is also similar: Intel Atom processor, Gigabit networking, remote control with keyboard and integrated Wi-Fi. The difference? Besides changing the design, the Iomega box is able to accommodate a 3.5″ hard drive.

The Iomega TV with Boxee start shiping in Europe, but it has no release date in the U.S. yet.

The Iomega TV with Boxee is proposed at €250 without a hard drive, to €360 with a 1TB drive and €400 in its 2 TB version. A particularly high price in our opinion.

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