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IOGEAR GKM581R 2.4GHz Keyboard with Trackball and Scroll Wheel

Since obtaining an IOGEAR GKM561R keyboard/trackball device this past Christmas, I have become interested in these products in general as an input device for use with my Home Theater PC (HTPC).  When I visited the IOGEAR booth at CES, I just had to offer my services as a reviewer to check out their latest and greatest products.

As a result, IOGEAR sent me a GKM581R keyboard/trackball to check out.

The GKM250R was a CES 2011 Design and Engineering awardee, so we should be expecting lots of good features in this keyboard/trackball combo.  Obviously, I will be comparing this item to my GKM561R, which I feel is a pretty tough standard to measure up to.  The question, of course, is which item is the better device?


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