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Internet TV Interface from iGUGU

 The wireless solution allows you the functionality of an HTPC without the clutter. The wired solution is a little less impressive.

One of the biggest problems with home theater PCs is trying to find a place to put one on your already full shelves. The other is practicality. Why dedicate a PC to being a media center in the living room when it could be a source of entertainment and productivity in your home office?

The common solution has been to introduce a wireless link between your TV and your computer, but the folks at iGUGU take it a step further. They’ve introduced new software and hardware to make getting your content onto your TV more convenient and easier to use.

iGUGU’s Internet TV uses your PC to show content on your TV. It’s helped along by the company’s own media center software that includes the ability to set different user profiles so the kids and the grown-ups are greeted with different viewing options.

It’s a bit of a tough sell until reviews start coming in. The real difference between iGUGU and other options is the software, and without a good hands-on with the user interface it’s difficult to judge.

The wired version if the iGUGU Internet TV comes with the wireless remote, receiver and software and runs $99, while the wireless version that includes a receiver and transmitter to get video from your PC wirelessly comes in at $249.

Source: iGUGU

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