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Intel Cedar Trail Platform: a new dual-core Atom

Intel has recently introduced a new Intel Atom of the Cedar Trail generation.

Engraved in 32 nanometers and named Atom D2560, it is a dual-core model at a frequency of 2.0 GHz and has a 1 MB second level cache.

It is supposed to replace the Atom D2550, against which, it announced a frequency a bit higher with 2.0 GHz against 1.86 GHz, while positioning itself at the same price rate: $47.

It also wants to be an alternative to the Atom D2700 which offers a higher clocked with 2.13 GHz against 2.0 GHz, but a price too high compared to market expectations for this type of processor where a decision of a rapid withdrawal of the catalog was made – eight months after the introduction.

With a TDP of only 10 Watts, the Atom D2560 will target low power configurations such as mini-PCs, HTPCs and netbooks.

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